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MPA has an extensive library of publications. All are available in pdf format, and we have limited stocks of some printed materials. Visit our library, browse and download our publications.

MPA Charter and Members’ Handbook 2021

MPA has developed a new Charter for its producer members, founded on a new vision for 2025. The Charter will be the vehicle for achieving the new vision by 'Driving Change, Raising Standards and Improving Perceptions'.

Published: 2021


Industry Overview

UK Minerals Strategy

The UK Minerals Strategy, prepared on behalf of the mineral products industry by the CBI Minerals Group and MPA, highlights that UK demand for minerals and mineral products over the next 25 years will be at least 5 billion tonnes, most of which needs to be sourced from within the UK.

Published: 2018


Profile of the UK Mineral Products Industry - 2020 Edition

Presenting detailed analysis of the latest data for each product, the review highlights the significant contribution the industry makes to the UK economy from over 2,000 active sites and plants.

Published: 2021


Mineral Products Industry Priorities for Government

MPA has set out its new Priorities for Government, urging Cabinet Ministers to improve delivery of projects and not take for granted the vital role that the mineral products industries have in delivering the homes, public and commercial buildings and infrastructure which society relies upon.

Published: 2019


Dimension Stone: An Essential UK Industry

Dimension Stone Producers are economically and culturally significant, producing 1 million tonnes of high value stone annually. Dimension stone is used widely in new construction but is also of key importance to heritage assets and local distinctiveness.

Published: 2015